Executive Search • Professional Recruiting Services

Systems Research Group has one of the largest contact bases of professional, high technology candidates in the world.
We utilize our extensive network of contacts to begin the qualification process. We do not rely on résumé flow to bring candidates to you. Each assignment that we undertake proactively identifies only top performers.

To initiate the qualification process for your position, we depend on the nominations of top performers that have intimate knowledge of your industry.

The cost-effective nature of working with your Executive Search professional from Systems Research Group will be immediately recognized in the quality of the people that you meet and in the time that is made available to your management staff instead of conducting needless interviews.

Why you should use Systems Research Group for your recruiting needs?

  • Top performers do not look at classified ads, the Internet, or apply for jobs without being sought out -- they are too busy performing well to spend time in these pursuits
  • Use of a third party eases sensitive negotiations
  • Proactive recruiting attracts the best candidates
  • We can aggressively pursue your key competitors without creating an embarrassing situation for you
  • Top performers expect aggressive representation to match them to the proper opportunity. They develop a trust relationship with top recruiters who are experts in their field of expertise
  • Top firms expect their recruiter to become an extension of their organization to insure that they can attract top performers.

How does Systems Research Group work with you to achieve a successful placement?

  • Define the Position
  • Identify & Interview Potential Candidates
  • Aggressively Qualify Only Top Performers
  • Arrange Personal Interviews
  • Check References
  • Negotiate Offers
  • Insure Resignation From Present Employer
  • Confirm Start
  • Follow-up After the Placement