Resume Screening

If you have already received a stack of resumes for a position that you are trying to fill and don’t have the time contact each of them, vet them, and check references, we can help!

  • Contact each candidate and determine their real qualifications for the jobs based upon your criteria
  • Insure that you have the details about
    • Compensation
    • Motivation
    • Successes
    • Hidden flaws
  • Develop a finalist interview schedule for you

Using this approach you will free up your management time to get the best performance from your existing employees and spend more time doing your job without having to go through the drudgery of the initial screening.


We charge an up-front fee of $2,000 and a final charge of 5% of the expected guaranteed first-year earnings (less the deposit) for the person to be hired at the completion of the screening process. Contact us for a free consultation about how we can custom tailor a plan for you to find the right person. If, for some reason, your pool of candidates does not pan out, we can apply your fees towards a traditional search performed by Systems Research Group.