Job Search Guidance

If you are contemplating a move to a new job or are currently between jobs and you are looking for more guidance related to:

  • Competitive skills assessments
  • Marketability
  • Change in career direction
  • Who to contact
  • Devil’s Advocacy
  • Practice Interviewing
  • Job Search Processess
  • Attitude Adjustment

We can help. With 29+ years of experience, the professionals at Systems Research Group have seen it all… the good, the bad and the ugly! We can help you to leapfrog your career to a better opportunity and avoid the pitfalls that “amateur” job seekers make. Our services include career counseling, resume tuning, contact strategy, interview preparation and execution advice, contract negotiations, and more!


The initial consultation is free. An $800 deposit is required to start the process. Typical charges for complete services range from $2-4,000. If you don’t earn at least $4,000 more than you were currently earning in your next job, your fees, less the deposit, are refunded.