About Systems Research Group

Proven Success Since 1984

Systems Research Group is a professional Executive Search firm managing projects in North America and in the Asia/Pacific region.

Our firm has proven itself in its mastery of proactive recruiting techniques combining the best of the experiences of the General Search Firm and the superior industry knowledge of the Boutique Search Firm.

We utilize the high-level contact and referral method of locating and qualifying our candidates from the ranks of high performance, extremely successful people who would not otherwise seek employment except for our pro-active contact.

Professionals throughout the high technology industry recognize our highly credible market leadership reputation. Founded in 1984, we have successfully completed hundreds of searches.

Our People

Our people are what make the difference.
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Domain Experience
We are extremely well known for our industry domain experience from within the computer software industry.

Among our industry specialties:

Nearly all High Technology Industries
Vertical Market Software
Emphasis in Manufacturing Software
Healthcare Software

We search for and place the following types of individuals:

VP Sales
VP Marketing
Business Development/Alliance Partner program
Marketing Management and Marketing positions at all levels
Sales and Sales Management at all levels
Application Engineering and Customer Services positions at all levels

Our clients represent more than 200 firms within the industry specialties listed above. Our clients are a blend of early stage, pre-IPO startups to the largest firms in their category.

Plus Services

Systems Research Group offers a variety of services designed to help job seekers and employers to improve their processes:

Executive Coaching

We will assist you in improving your career planning and execution. The more you prepare, the luckier you get.

For the Job Seeker

Job Search Guidance

Your counselor will help you to assess your skills and performance against your competition and will offer you suggestions and processes to insure your next great career position.

Resume Preparation

Our staff can create a compelling resume for you. We routinely view over 500 resumes a week and know what catches employers attention!

Resume Marketing
Don’t know who to contact to get them acquainted with your background when looking for a job? We have thousands of hiring managers that we can introduce you to!

Job Offer Negotiation
Have a job offer in hand, but not sure if it is competitive or you think there is room for more? We negotiate hundreds of offers each year. Learn the secrets from the best and get everything that you deserve!

For the Hiring Manager
If you need some assistance vetting candidates, doing screening of a ton of resumes, doing background checks, or creating competitive job offers that won’t break the bank, we can help!

Compensation Plan Development
We negotiate hundreds of job offers each year and know what nearly every competitive compensation in the industry offers. Get our assistance in developing the right compensation plan to attract the top candidates, provide the proper performance incentives, and retain your top employees.

Candidate Screening
If you already have a pile of resumes on your desk that you want qualified so that you can just speak to the top candidates, we can help!

Background Checking
We can do detailed background checks including unbiased reference checks, employment verification, earnings verification, financial stability, criminal history, social network affiliations, and more!