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About Systems Research Group

Learn more about the services that Systems Research Group performs. It includes information about our executive search and management consulting programs.
About Systems Research Group (MS Word)
Systems Research Group Presentation (PowerPoint)

Interviewing Ideas and Tools
All of the files below are compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Word on either the PC or Macintosh.

Biography Helps you to organize your thoughts on your accomplishments and prepare for a move to a new job. Includes reference list and strategic accomplishments.
Hero Statement This is your chance to tell the world (and your recruiter) why you are a terrific person. Organize your thoughts to make a big impact in your next career position.
How To Prepare a Professional Resume Guidelines on the best way to create a resume and a sample resume that you can modify to create your own.
Resume Preparation for the Internet Age Advice on how to prepare and format your resume for distribution via email and to take advantage of scanning and database tools.
Job Seeker Marketing Letter A letter, to complement your resume, to be sent to your networking contacts to help them to make referrals to your targeted prospective employers.
Interviewing Preparation Tips Things to do to prepare for your interview.

What can happen when you go to resign from your current firm and they attempt to "buy you back".
Thank you letter A simple letter thanking your interviewer for his/her time.
Resignation letter A letter that you can give you your employer when you resign your job.
Reference Check Complete this information when it is time to check your references prior to a job offer.
Getting "bought back"

Interviewing Kit
This PowerPoint presentation will give you everything you need to prepare for an interview, resume preparation techniques, follow up letters, resignation letters, and other surprises!
Interview Kit Zip (258K)
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Hiring Tips

How to conduct an interview Some simple things to do to attract the right candidate to your company.
Job Description Template This document will help you to create a job description for your open position.
Candidate Interview Evaluation Scorecard Use this form to help you to assess your candidate's interview