Compensation Plan Development

At Systems Research Group, we see a lot of compensation plans. In our conversations with our candidates and hiring managers, we learn details about thousands of companies compensation plans; the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can gain this experience and put it to work for your firm.
Let us help you to negotiate the best employment agreement possible.

  • Insure that your compensation plan is competitive
  • Learn what other firms in your industry are doing to use the information to pry bar top performers away from them and over to you
  • Create the proper mix of salary and incentives to motivate top performance
  • Create plans that leverage your employee’s performance to insure that you get the greatest return on investment
  • Create plans that retain top performers but won’t break the bank


We charge 1% of the expected first year’s guaranteed compensation for each position type that we assist you on. Ask about our free initial consultation for more information on how this program works and has benefitted others.